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Get detailed cloud data for remote analysis.

Improve Your Customer Service with IoT

As a machine manufacturer, you may be installing vibration monitoring equipment to help your clients monitor their machinery. With the PCH IIoT solution you can add the feature of a convenient IIoT interface to visualise your measurements.

Our PCH 1420 monitor comes with up to 8 process inputs as well as 4 vibration input channels, so you can easily monitor relevant parameters that your customers are, presently, handling in their SCADA or DCS system.

If you can monitor all the relevant parameters in one platform, you can offer a better service to your customers and, if required, offer them consultancy services remotely. With detailed data, you can also make a more accurate assessment of your customer’s problem before sending a consultant.

You can even export the vibration time waveform to your own system, e.g. as a .tdms file for National Instruments.

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Collect data from prototypes and null series

The more data you can collect when producing prototypes and null-series machinery, the easier your troubleshooting analysis and problem solving becomes. Reliable data can also help you define reasonable warranties before you release your product to the market.

With PCH Cloud and the PCH hardware, the machine data is easily stored and easily shared among your engineers. You retain ownership of the data, which is encrypted and stored safely on our AWS servers or a database of your choice.

With the PCH vibration monitors, your customers will get the 4-20 mAs or alarm relays to which they are accustomed, and you get all the enhanced data simultaneously.

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