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Get online, real-time vibration data for equipment performance optimisation

Stay Ahead of the Competition with IIoT Vibration Monitoring

Do you want to offer IIoT-ready equipment without draining your profits?

As smart factory technologies are sweeping across industries, and customer demand for IIoT functionality increases, original equipment manufacturers have to stay one step ahead of the development or risk falling behind their competitors.

Now, you can fit your OEM machine products with traditional, real-time vibration monitoring with the added feature of cloud storage for remote vibration data analysis.

Harness the full potential of Equipment as a Service by applying the extensive vibration data to performance optimisation, predictive maintenance, advanced condition monitoring, remote consultancy services and more.

As an OEM client, you get:

A low-cost IoT vibration monitoring solution

Select from our range of sturdy, affordable, IIoT-ready vibration monitors and sensors. There is one for any budget.

Advanced machine protection

PCH vibration monitors provide local safety in the form of alarms and shut-down functions and gather data for FFT analysis and trend mining.

Real-time data for performance optimisation

With vibration data from your customers' equipment in real time, you get valuable information about machine performance to help you perfect your product design.

A pre-configured setup unique to you

The vibration monitors can be pre-configured to your specific equipment. You receive monitors ready for mounting with no further adjustments required.

Full ownership of data

The vibration data is encrypted and uploaded through an Internet connection to a cloud database of your choice. You retain full ownership of data at all times.

Easy integration with existing solutions

The PCH Cloud solution uses open API formats to make integration with your existing control and monitoring solutions simple and seamless.

Talk to an Expert

Contact one of our expert consultants for more information on how the PCH Cloud Solution can help protect your machinery.

Lower TCO and increase your competitive advantage

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is an increasingly important parameter for customers purchasing industrial equipment. 

TCO includes not only the cost of purchasing the equipment, but also costs such as maintenance, spare parts, repair costs etc.

Adding IIoT functionality to your equipment may increase the initial investment. 

However, by collecting and remotely analysing the extensive vibration data from your customers you can offer services such as predictive maintenance that will lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your equipment and give you a competitive advantage.

Optimise performance:
Collect data from prototypes and null series

The more data you can collect when producing prototypes and null-series machinery, the easier your troubleshooting analysis and problem solving becomes. Reliable data can also help you define reasonable warranties before you release your product to the market.

With PCH Cloud and the PCH hardware, the machine data is easily stored and easily shared among your engineers. You retain ownership of the data, which is encrypted and stored safely on our AWS servers or a database of your choice.

With the PCH vibration monitors, your customers will get the 4-20 mAs or alarm relays to which they are accustomed, and you get all the enhanced data simultaneously.

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