Industry 4.0 Condition Monitoring

PCH Cloud

Easily include real-time vibration data in your condition monitoring program
without compromising on local safety

Simple. Cost-Effective. Safe.

Online data access

Access your condition monitoring data anywhere from any smart device.

Safe data storage

Store data safely in an online database or transfer it to an edge computer or local server of your choice.

Real-time data

Monitor machinery in real time and correct faults promptly when needed. 

High local safety

Safety relays, alarms and shut-down functions provide on-site safety.

Find Your PCH Cloud Solution:

Out of the Box Solutions for SMEs

Get started with condition monitoring with a solution that grows with your business. This simple, plug'n'play vibration monitoring solution can be retrofitted to one or several machines, and data is easily shared with your in-house or external vibration specialists.

Customised Enterprise Solutions

Prevent machine breakdowns through predictive maintenance and enhance local safety at your plant with a customised vibration monitoring solution that is easily integrated with your existing condition monitoring program or SCADA system. 

Low-Cost Solutions
for OEMs

Enhance machine safety and customer service with this low-cost vibration monitoring solution that integrates easily with your existing control and surveillance solutions. Store vibration data in your own cloud database and retain full ownership of data at all times. 

The PCH Cloud Solution allows you to ...

Prevent machine damage

The vibration sensors monitor the condition of your machinery 24/7 and alert you to issues that may result in damage.

Reduce operational risks

Local alarms, safety relays and shutdown functions protect your machinery and your staff.

Lower service costs

Predict the need for maintenance based on the condition of each piece of machinery. You avoid unnecessary service at set intervals.

Maximise machine uptime

By protecting critical machinery, you avoid unscheduled production stops due to machine breakdowns.

Improve customer service

A consistent production throughput allows you to serve your customers effectively.

Future-proof your business

With online data access and cloud storage you are ready for the challenges and benefits of Industry 4.0.

IoT Monitoring Prevents Breakdown of Fermentation Tank

The condition monitoring project has yielded positive results already. We recently managed to avoid a breakdown […]. We corrected the fault, and production continued as planned.

Jesper Haugaard, Vice President, EMA Operations, Novozymes A/S

Customise your PCH Cloud System

PCH Cloud is based on the PCH Link Concept, the popular modular vibration monitoring system designed by PCH Engineering.

Combine any number of PCH monitors with an EtherBridge module for an IoT monitoring solution customised to your requirements.

IoT-ready condition monitoring system with vibration monitors, cloud database and communication modules

Compatible PCH Vibration Monitors

PCH 1420 4-channel SIL 2 vibration monitor for IoT condition monitoring

This advanced vibration monitor gives you thorough insights into the condition of your machinery. It is part of the modular condition monitoring system PCH Link Concept.

PCH 1072 IoT-ready 1-channel vibration monitor with 2 relays

PCH 1072 has one input channel and two relays, providing SIL 2 machine protection. It measures acceleration, velocity or displacement.

PCH 1073 IoT-ready 1-channel vibration monitor with 4 relays

The monitor has four relays and two simultaneously running frequency bands, which can be configured to measure between 0.7 Hz and 11.5 kHz.

PCH 1232 vibration guard with Modbus RTU - ready for IoTPCH 1232
Vibration Guard with Modbus RTU

      This vibration monitor uses several narrow filter bands to enhance vibration monitoring for condition monitoring purposes.

PCH 1272 IoT-ready SIL 2 vibration monitorPCH 1272
Compact SIL 2 vibration monitor

This simple monitor is ideal as part of the safety chain for dangerous machinery when high accuracy and fast response time are important.

PCH 1277 ATEX certified vibration monitor for IoTPCH 1277
ATEX certified vibration monitor

This compact, ATEX certified vibration sensor with SIL 2 relays provides early warning of misalignment or bearing faults in machines in hazardous areas.

SIL 2 Safety and Online Data in One

Analyse machine conditions online with IoT ready vibration monitors by PCH Engineering

Local safety as you know it combined with Industry 4.0 technology

Predictive maintenance and Smart Factory technology are important tools in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

At the same time, we know that local, SIL-level safety is a high priority for many of our clients.

The PCH Cloud Solution gives you the best of both worlds

With the PCH Cloud Solution, you can collect vibration data and access it online for remote trend mining and analyses.

At the same time, the real-time vibration and process data, local alarms, shutdown functions and redundant relays of the PCH vibration monitors provide local SIL-level safety, protecting your machinery and your staff from machine breakdowns.

With the PCH Cloud Solution you get ...

Quick and easy installation

A cost-effective solution

Safe, flexible data storage

Full ownership of your data

Local and remote access

Open program interface

IoT Solution Helps OEM Provide Better Customer Service

We continue to monitor the measurements remotely, and it is a great foundation for the dialogue with our customer about setting threshold values for alarms.

Anders Lykkegaard, Development Engineer at Universal Bar Feeder ApS

Access Vibration Data Anywhere

Access vibration data anywhere with the IoT-ready vibration monitors from PCH Engineering

Monitor machine conditions on site or remotely

You can access your vibration and process data anywhere from any device.

On-site staff can easily check the current condition of each machine from their phone or tablet.

Your predictive maintenance crew or data analysts can track and analyse the performance and condition of machinery in various locations from the comfort of the office.

Safe and flexible cloud storage

The real-time vibration data collected by the PCH vibration sensors is safely stored in PCH Engineering's AWS cloud database or a database of your choice.

You can access the PCH database and its visualisation tools from any internet browser, making centralised handling of data simple and secure.

It is also easy to share vibration data with external vibration specialists or service teams.

Online condition monitoring in cloud database - examples of data in various devices
Online condition monitoring in cloud database - examples of data in various devices

Mobile interface for easy on-site health assessments

PCH Cloud comes with a mobile condition monitoring interface which enables quick asset health checks and on-site machine troubleshooting.

The mobile interface has all the practical properties of an app, yet requires no device installation. It is developed specifically for smartphones and tablets and is practical and easy to use:

By scanning a QR code attached to the asset you wish to examine, you are directed straight to PCH Cloud’s visualisation of that asset’s vibration data.

You can also select assets from a simple drop down menu.

Try it now:

Looking at this site on your PC? Scan the QR code in the image with your smartphone camera.

Looking at the site on your phone? Tab here or tab the image above to access our test site.

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PCH Engineering producing IoT-ready condition monitoring systems

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