Remote vibration monitoring for service providers

Provide better service with less effort

PCH Cloud helps you help your clients

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to help you meet your clients' growing demand for increased machine performance, uptime, and profitability?

PCH Cloud is an online condition monitoring solution that enables you to monitor multiple assets with permanently mounted sensors and access to real-time vibration data online for vibration analysis, diagnostics and maintenance purposes - all from the comfort of your office.

Use PCH Cloud to support services such as:

  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Vibration analysis
  • Vibration diagnostics
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance as a Service
  • Preanalysis of balancing and alignment
  • Training of personnel

As a service provider, you get:

A low-cost remote monitoring solution

Select from our range of sturdy, affordable, IIoT-ready vibration monitors and sensors. There is one for any budget.

Advanced machine protection

PCH vibration monitors provide local safety in the form of alarms and shut-down functions and gather data for FFT analysis and trend mining.

Real-time vibration data

With online access to vibration data in real time, you can safely diagnose asset conditions and schedule maintenance remotely.

Raw data from hard to reach sensors

With the IoT-compatible PCH 1420 vibration monitor with buffered outputs, you can extract raw data on site even when the permanent sensors are mounted in hard to reach places.

Easy sharing of vibration data with clients

The vibration data is encrypted and uploaded through an Internet connection to a cloud database of your choice. You can easily share selected data with your clients - or they with you.

Easy integration with existing solutions

The PCH Cloud solution uses open API formats to make integration with your existing control and monitoring solutions simple and seamless.

Learn more

Contact one of our expert consultants for more information on how the PCH Cloud Solution can help you provide even better service.

Access vibration data online

Vibration data is stored in the cloud. This allows your staff to access vibration data and data visualisations from any device with an internet connection - be it a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Share data seamlessly

When installing the PCH monitoring equipment on your clients' assets, you retain full control of the vibration data. You decide what data access to grant the customer and which data to share with your customer.

If your client owns the equipment, they can easily share all vibration data with you.

Create insightful reports with data visualisations

The online user interface provides various data visualisations, which you can use to illustrate your analysis and diagnosis in your customer reports.

Reduce the number of service visits

With permanently mounted sensors, you can monitor critical machinery online and diagnose maintenance issues remotely.

In other words, you can reduce the number of service visits to each client while providing the same level of service and safety.

App-like mobile interface for quick machine checks

PCH Cloud's user-friendly mobile interface enables you to easily access the vibration data for each piece of machinery and perform quick machine health checks on site without the need for a computer or other equipment.

The user interface can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet, allowing your maintenance staff and/or vibration analysts to easily view vibration data from a particular machine for quick, on-site asset health checks, troubleshooting and vibration analysis.

Just scan the QR code on the machine to see all its data visualisations.

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