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Improve machine performance and prolong machine life with PCH Cloud

Local Machine Protection and Remote Data Analysis in One Solution

The PCH Cloud vibration monitoring solution with online IIoT functionality is the perfect tool for companies looking to develop a predictive maintenance strategy and improve machine performance and production throughput.

It is the first condition monitoring solution to provide you with essential, real-time vibration and process data, while allowing you to store and analyse machine condition data online. 

In just one simple solution, you get local machine safety and remote data access.

With PCH Cloud Enterprise Solutions, you get:

Local SIL 2 machine protection

The built-in warning, alarm and shut-down functions of the IoT-ready PCH vibration monitors protect your machinery and staff from machine damage 24/7.

Online data access

With vibration data being stored in the cloud, your data scientists and maintenance team can handle Big Data integration and analysis remotely. 

Real-time data for performance optimisation

Vibration data in real time helps you and your maintenance team improve machine performance for each individual piece of rotating equipment.

Full data ownership

All vibration data collected by the PCH Cloud vibration monitors is stored in a cloud database of your choice. You retain ownership of the vibration data at all times.

Easy Integration with SCADA systems

The vibration monitors come with built-in 4-20 mA outputs so you can easily transfer trend data to your SCADA or PLC solution using standard communication protocols.

A future-proof condition monitoring solution

The Iot-ready PCH Cloud vibration monitoring solution is a simple, cost-effective way to ensure that your plant can reap the benefits of Industry 4.0 technology.

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Optimise Machine Performance and Lower Service Costs

The PCH Cloud monitoring devices store real-time trend performance data online in a cloud database of your choice.

This allows your data scientists and maintenance team to access and analyse vibration data remotely from any location and any device.

With the data insights provided by the PCH vibration monitors, you can schedule maintenance based on the actual condition of each individual piece of equipment.

You avoid unplanned downtime of critical machinery and keep a stable production throughput without wasting money on unnecessary preventive maintenance.

Did you know ...?

Unplanned downtime is the single largest source of lost production time for most manufacturers.

On average, production outages in the manufacturing industry last four hours and cost an average of $2 million in lost production time.

How much is unplanned downtime costing your business?

Condition Monitoring Solution with SIL 2 Safety and IIoT Functionality

Your most essential and costly assets, such as ID and HVAC fans, decanters, turbines, rotary atomisers, boiler feedwater pumps (BFWP) etc., require protection by an online protection system.

With the PCH IIoT solution, you obtain online, SIL 2-compliant protection as well as enhanced condition monitoring data that can be processed by your own data analytics software.

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