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Vibration monitors with Industrial IoT functionality is not just for large enterprises

Out of The Box Condition Monitoring for Small-Scale Production

Many small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses are finding large-scale condition monitoring systems too costly or too complex. Either they have few machines and not enough measuring points, the installation costs are too high, or perhaps they only experience few breakdowns.

With PCH Engineering’s IIoT solution, you get a cost-effective plug ’n’ play vibration monitoring solution keeping your machinery safe. At the same time, you benefit from a highly modern Industrial IoT system allowing you to collect and analyse machine data for predictive maintenance, trend mining etc. 

With PCH Cloud Out of The Box, you get:

Local SIL 2 machine protection

The IoT-ready PCH vibration monitors protect your new and existing machinery and staff from machine damage 24/7 with built-in warnings, alarms and shut-down functions.

Online data access for easy data sharing 

The vibration data are stored in the cloud, making it easy to share recorded and real-time data with in-house or external vibration specialists and maintenance teams. 

Real-time protection of critical machinery

Vibration data in real time helps you monitor the condition of your most critical machinery and prevent unscheduled production stops due to machine damage.

A monitoring solution that grows with your business

Our IoT-ready condition monitoring system is modular and can be configured for any number of machines - even just one. As your production facilities expand, you can add as many vibration monitors to your setup as needed.

A cloud-based CMS platform with data analysis tools

 The PCH Cloud comes with an online condition monitoring (CMS) platform for new and existing machinery containing an array of visualisation tools for remote, online trend and spectrum data analysis.

Easy out of the box installation

The PCH Cloud condition monitoring system is ready for use out of the box. The monitors are preconfigured and easy to install. You just have to provide the internet connection, and you are ready to protect and monitor your machinery anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Talk to an Expert

Contact one of our consultants for more information on how the PCH Cloud Solution can help protect your machinery.

A Cost-Effective IIoT Solution for SME's

The modular PCH Cloud condition monitoring system is a simple, flexible and cost-effective Industrial IoT solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Here is why:

  • The vibration monitors collect vibration and process data for you at low costs 
  • You don’t need to connect to a DSC or SCADA system - data is stored safely in the cloud
  • You can connect a local alarm lamp for immediate warnings 
  • You can follow all trends through the online IIoT interface
  • In the event of an alarm being detected by your IIoT system, you will receive an email or a text message.

It is all plug’n’play, and you can be up and running 10 minutes after you connect the hardware to the internet.

Share trend data with vibration specialists

Should you require help from professional vibration specialists, our open platform allows you to export the time waveform or spectrum data in open formats such as:
  • National Instruments (.tdms) 
  • Comma-Separated Values (.csv) 
  • Binary Universal File Format (.bunv) 
  • Wave (.wav) DYNAE DynamX (.bunv) 
  • ADASH DDS (.csv)

You can also grant in-house og external specialists access to your online IoT dashboard for vibration data in real time. 

The PCH IIoT dashboard gives you a presentation of immediate vibration data, trends and FFTs with tools for a preliminary analysis of the recording. For an experienced condition monitoring specialist, our tool will quickly provide sufficient information to understand the machine status.

Contact us to learn how PCH Cloud can help your company stay competitive.

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